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App Promo Video: A Way to Promote the App Before it Goes Public

Getting an app promoted is, of course, a big deal for mobile app development companies today. Applications can only grab the top ranking in case they have something extra from the regular app. It must entice the users, attract them, engage as well and finally bring alive their interest in the core app functionality. The accomplishment of these factors depends largely on the skill of a mobile app developer. Additionally, videos to promote the app can add more number of users in the list of loyal customers.

If you want your app to go viral, it is important to offer a visual treat to the users. What about creating a video or an app trailer for promoting the application? A well-created app promo video can be of great help for impressing the users. Here are details on the benefits mobile app development companies can garner from the practice.

Benefits of App Promo Video

Promoting apps within App Store makes a lot of sense. App promotion ways through videos have become the leading technique for mobile app developers today. Here are glances of more benefits:

# App Videos Communicate Value

App videos eternally engage the audiences. It also communicates value through visualization that has been proved to be more effective than content. A video clearly imparts the purpose of its existence and is also capable of creating excitement among the audience. Overall, it is a great technique for mobile app development companies to entice the users towards apps.

# Videos can be Shared on Any Platform

The architect of social media websites greatly encourages videos in their algorithm, which is an absolute benefit for mobile app development companies. As an app promotion video can be shared on any indeed every platform, it can further prompt the users to share the content on a host of channels, of course, if they like the same. As they say, “seeing is believing”, an app promotional video can act as the powerhouse for the promotion of your application.

# App Videos Have Potential to Improve Search Ranking   

An app needs to be discovered and accepted by the audience in order to generate successful business for mobile app development companies. Strategic promotion with the right techniques helps a video to become viral and eventually improve the search ranking.

An Example to Prove the Benefit of Video App Promotion

Pokemon Go, the location-based Augmented Reality mobile app got a refined user base soon after the official release. Of course, it was a great application but the techniques mobile app developers opted for its promotion is worth mentioning. After the official app launch, a 30-second promotional video was launched that went viral on social media channels.

There was a flood of tweets and retweets as well that automatically promoted the app among the masses. The app took over the entire game world just because of a promo video release. This shows the potential promotional videos carry to viral an application.


Among a number of celebrated techniques, video promotion is one that has got huge potential to viral an application. A well-developed strategy can additionally help to viral apps among the audiences. Mobile app developers should understand this communication sharing culture in order to share their content socially.

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